Technology Services

Technology Services

I.T Services ( Software Development, Enterprise Application Integration & Development Services, Mobile Application Services, I.T Marketing Services, Web Development) Software Development - Detechnologies Technology is a customized software development company with expertise in developing scalable software applications, business software and automation software.

EAI & Development Services

Enterprise Application Integration & Development Services-
Enterprise applications are often costly to run and difficult to manage. You need to leverage your past investment but you also need to transform your liabilities back into assets with followings, • Reduce your expenditure while realizing greater business value

Mobile Application Services

Mobile Application Services -
Mobile application not only gives your customer an easy access to your website/software but also it gives you a brand loyalty. Now you can monetize your mobile apps by integrating in app purchases and advertising. Sell content, functionality, services and subscriptions with support for iOS App Store in-app purchase and Google Play In-app Billing.

Application Support

Detechnologies Technology Application Support model is an evolved and proven multi-tiered framework on which our support solutions are based upon that are offer to suit all needs of our customers. Detechnologies Technology support model provides high-availability service products in a networked environment.
In the levelled support model, organizational functions are placed in an escalation hierarchy with clear lines of demarcation between functions to ensure that responsibilities and duties are clearly defined. Depending on the nature of your IT infrastructure, how many users there are, and how critical it is to your day to day operations, we tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

Network Support

When we talk about network support, no two organizations have the exact same requirement. That’s why we at Detechnologies Technology created a highly flexible and effective service plan that makes it simple for your business to plan and budget for appropriate I.T Services. When it comes to your office servers, desktop PCs, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, wireless devices, cabling and the rest of your in-house network infrastructure, Detechnologies Technology is right there on-site with you to ensure it all runs smoothly. From routine backups - to maintenance - to high-level strategic advice, we’ve got every aspect of your office technology covered.

Search Optimization (SEO)

SEO/SEM - Detechnologies Technology offers an end-to-end search marketing and optimization solution that not only delivers qualified prospects to your Detechnologies IT Services but integrates all Detechnologies IT Services-driven leads – even when they switch from your site to your toll-free telephone number.
Social Media Listening - Detechnologies Technology offer a social media listening platform that lets marketers listen to what consumers are saying about them and their products. The resulting insight helps you engage with consumers more effectively.