Online Reputation Management

Building Online Infrastructure

ORM requires a complete mechanism of both human intervention and best tools. Detechnologies Digital has experts who can assist in establishing this perfect blend and start the branding management on all digital media platforms.

Detechnologies Digital Has Experts In Managing the Brand Identity Through a Combination of Man Power & ORM Tools.

Social Media Integration

Detechnologies Digital can assist you in creating a unique response mechanism for different social media platforms so that your responses can get as quick as possible, more accurate and with less turnaround time.

User Generated Content Response

Detechnologies Digital can help you in identifying or building the individuals, communities and groups talking about your brand and can establish a mechanism to making online interactions with them as per specific compliances and standards defined by the company itself.

Social Media Report

If You Want to know your past or current status for different social media campaigns then Detechnologies Digital can definitely help you in gaining useful & decision making insights.

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